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Stephen Solomon's articles have won major writing awards:

  • Gerald Loeb Award for excellence in business and economics writing
  • John Hancock Award for Excellence in business and economics writing
  • Sidney Hillman Prize Award
  • Story of the Year Award for Sunday Magazines

A select list of publications follows:

Wall Street Journal, "God is Still in the Classroom," June 20, 2013

Wall Street Journal, "Turbulent Days for an Industry with a Lot of Baggage," June 29, 2012

Scientific American Earth 3.0, Cash for Clunkers," Summer 2009

Scientific American Earth 3.0, "For National Security, Get Off Oil," October 2008.

Tufts Magazine, "The Kid Who Didn't Stand," Fall 2007

Fortune Small Business, "The Brain Trust," January 2003

Fortune Small Business, "My Next Business," February 2002

Fortune, "He Who Leaps Does Not Leap Alone," October 2, 2000

Fortune, "When Private Information Becomes A Commodity," July 24, 2000

Inc., "Go Sell It On A Mountain," December 1999

The New York Times Book Review, "Turbulence," January 7, 1996

The New York Times Magazine, "American Express Applies for a New Line of Credit," July 30, 1995

Technology Review, "Suffer the Little Children," April 1995

The New York Times Book Review, "Rapid Descent," July 10, 1994

Inc., "How to Start an Airline of Your Own," April 1994

The New York Times, "A Sharp Increase in Cabin Pressure," Sunday Op-Ed, November 28, 1993

The New York Times Magazine, "The Bully of the Skies Cries Uncle," September 5, 1993

Inc., "Contempt of Court," October 1989

The New York Times Magazine, "Spare-Parts Medicine," November 28, 1982

The New York Times Magazine, "The Controversy Over Infant Formula," December 6, 1981

The New York Times, "Among the Giants in the High Sierras," Sunday Travel Section, page 1, August 16, 1981

Fortune, "A Businesslike Way to Resolve Business Disputes," February 26, 1979

Fortune, "Formica's Fight for Its Own Name," September 10, 1979

Fortune, "How One Hospital Broke Its Inflation Fever," June 18, 1979

Fortune, "The Asbestos Fallout at Johns-Manville," May 7, 1979

Fortune, "Nelson Rockefeller Turns His Passion for Art Into A Business," October 23, 1978

The Nation, "Fat Frank in Charge," book review, November 19, 1977

The Nation, "Environmental Balance Sheet: Cost Benefits of the Cleanup," October 29, 1977 (with Willard S. Randall)

The Washingtonian, "How You Get Cancer: What the Government is Not Doing to Protect You," October 1977

The Nation, "Don't Breathe on the Job," May 22, 1976 (with Willard S. Randall)

The Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine, "54 Who Died," October 26, 1975 (with Willard S. Randall)

Popular Science, "Now Computers Guide You Through Traffic Snarls, January 1971

The New Republic, "Somebody Fouled Up: The Seas," October 31, 1970

The New Republic, "Chained Campuses," September 19, 1970